Mr.Mukundrao (Dada) Andhare
Mr.Mukundrao (Dada) Andhare
Dada born in a religious family on 16 August 1938 . His mother Satyabhama and father Prabhakarrao were also a blessed couple. He is a Post graduate in psychology from Gujrat University and Bachelor of Education from Regional College of Education , Vikram University, Ujjain as the first merit in the region.             
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Naatha Bhakti sampradaya is one among the many ways of worship followed during the medieval period. As all the rivers ultimately meet the sea so is the purpose of all panthas and sampradayas and that is to be one with the ultimate super power and achieve the state of salvation. Hindu religion being highly open-minded every person has the freedom to perform the worship as per one’s beliefs.

In Maharashtra mainly Samartha, Dutta, Warkari, Mahanubhav and Naatha sampradaya are in vogue. Even though Naatha sampradaya enjoys a high place in the cultural arena, the strict worship, ardent devotion, tantra-mantra were out of reach for the common people. Perhaps that is the reason why common people went away from this way of worship. The masses were in two minds about the Naatha sampradaya. Even though there was faith, curiosity and support about the Navanathas people weaned from them. During the course of time, abnormal thoughts were born like the women should not touch the holy book of Nathas, one invites the wrath of destiny by keeping the book in one’s home, etc. It was necessary to tell the truth to the people and remove the misunderstandings. The way of worship of the pantha is equally simple and easy like other panthas. Every earthly human can uplift his/her own life through the worship of Nathas. The Navanatha Sewa Pratishthan was established with an objective to move the wrong beliefs in the minds of the people and attract them towards the worship of Navanathas. And this website is also born out of the view that the importance and method of Navanatha upasana should reach maximum number of people around the world.

Dada established ‘Navnath Seva Pratishthan.’ Pratishthan is group of nath believers who always try to communicate same massage to the society with different programmes and publications.Some important publications are;1)Shri Navnath Upasana 2)Shri Shabri Kavach 3)Shri Navnath Mahapuja 4)Shri Nath Bhajan Sangrah and many.
Currently Pratishthan is helping to build a temple of Guru Machchindranath.
That was in brief about Dada Andhare and his work. You can also contact for more details at : 38 , Balaji Nagar (East),Manewada Road, Nagpur ,Maharashtra, India.Ph.0712-2748645
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